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Time until start of wave 1 of the New York City Marathon 2022:

The start
Me in 1979m
Me at the finish


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I have been running the New York City Marathon 42 times, each year since my debut in 1978. That time it was 9,875 starters. Only 4 have run it more times in the history of the race. All 4 are from New York. 1 has run 45 times and 3 have run 43 times. On these pages I give advice for other participants and runners who plan to run NYC Marathon for the first time, and for those who have run previously.

In 2018 I finally created my own Facebook NYCM Help Group.

I contribute as much as I can with my experience myself. And other members can help each other. Let's make it a great group. First-timers can get all the information that they need there. The name is "New York City Marathon 2022 Help Group". The link is New York City Marathon 2022 Help Group It is a Closed group. That means that anyone can apply, but I have to accept it. Please apply if you are interested. WELCOME!


These pages are updated frequently when I have news. Several have asked me what is changed since the last version. So I will highlight changes and new text since the last update in RED. You always see the last time one of the pages have been updated at the bottom of this page!


Here are some startistics from New York City Marathon 2019:

  • 54,205 started.
  • 53,640 finished. That's an amazing 99.0%! (30,894 men and 22,746 women).
  • Finishers from all 50 US states.
  • Finishers from 141 countries.
  • Oldest man finishing: 83.
  • Oldest woman finishing: 89.
  • 28,548 US finishers (14,387 men and 14,161 women).
  • 25,092 finishers from other countries.
  • 346 Norwegian finishers (214 men and 132 women).
  • New York had the most with 14,006 finishers.
  • Italy had most finishers outside USA with 2,851
  • The age group with the most finishers was 40-44 years with 8,466 finishers (4,877 men and 3,589 women).

And here from 2021:

  • 25,390 started.
  • 25,018 finished. That's an amazing 98.5%! (13,632 men and 11,370 women).
  • Finishers from all 50 US states.
  • Finishers from 91 countries.
  • Oldest man finishing: 83.
  • Oldest woman finishing: 81.
  • 20,380 US finishers (10,539 men and 9,841 women).
  • 4,638 finishers from other countries.
  • 15 Norwegian finishers (10 men and 5 women).
  • Mexico had most finishers outside USA with 700
  • The age group with the most finishers was 40-44 years with 3,801 finishers (2,099 men and 1,700 women).

These are the countries with most finishers:


Finishers 2019

Finishers 2021










Great Britain


















Number of finishers for each year that I have run (1978 -2021):

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An interesting story:

I have a lot of interesting stories from my runs in New York. I would like to share a story from 1978, my first run in New York. Then I met Grete Waitz in the starting area several hours before the start, and we talked a long time. I gave her all my best advice. But I was surprised when I met her again after the finish on my way back to the hotel. I asked her how she did, and the answer was "They say that I won and set a new world record!". I have a poster of Grete at home where she has written (in Norwegian): "To Runar: Thank you for all the good advice in 1978 in New York. Greetings, Grete Waitz".

The finishers medal in 2008 had a picture of Grete on the front (see below). On the back it says: "Grete Waitz, the greatest champion in New York City Marathon history". She won 9 times. In November 2011 Runner's World had a large article about Grete, especially about the race in 1978. It's written in a very interesting way. All along they interview people who knew her, and I tell about my meeting with her before and after the race. I recommend everybody to read that article. Click here to read a copy of the article!

Here are all my bibs from 1978 to 2021 and medals from 1978 to 2021 (Virtual Marathon in 2020 because of COVID-19). You can click on the pictures to see a larger picture.

All medals
All bibs


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