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Snow in Drammen Norsk


It has fallen huge amounts of snow in Drammen this winter. March 09 2009 it was so much snow on the roof that I was afraid that it would collapse. The snowdepth varied from little over 1 meter to 1,5 meters with hard, heavy snow. An estimate say that it was about 120 tons of snow on my295 square meter roof. Then I went home from work to remove the snow. First I had to remove the snow from the terrace (see the picture) because the snow from the roof would end up on the terrace on one side of the house.

I removed snow for 7 hours and I was exhausted. But after that the house was once again safe!

You can click the picture to get a larger image. Click on the bottom right on the zoomed image to go back to normal view.

First some pictures before I started removing the snow:

Then some pictures after: